4 thoughts on “Hammer of the Sikhs’ galloping back to Dublin with Fine Gael

  1. I’m not sure this is in the same category as what you are asking but it does say something about political correctness.

    Last fall my wife and I went to Virginia and visited the Battlefield at New Market. Most of the battlefield is a national or state park, I forget which, but part is on private land.

    On the private land there is a superb museum that features, naturally enough, Confederate flags in abundance. The owner told us that the state park museum banned the Confederate flag’s use.

    The reason was political correctness in that some one might be offended (on a Civil Wat battlefield no less).

    We visited the state park as well and it was okay, but did seem “sanitized” compared to the superb museum on private land.

    If multiculturalism means making sure that no one is ever offended by anything we’ll remember nothing for the way it was and I think, fail to learn from the past.

  2. That is exactly what I mean, Bruce. I understand that certain things/people can be deemed offensive to some (I guess the Confederate Flag can seem offensive to Afro-Americans) but if we remove them from history we run the risk as you say of sanitizing these events. It is a fine and difficult line to walk.

  3. To be fair, this isn’t about celebrating him “in Britain”. It is a silly idea from a well known neo-unionist who wants to bring a statue which most Irish people would find offensive, back to Dublin. The statue was even blown up and eventually gotten rid of.

    Ireland is a republic and certainly should not be honouring people who subjugated them.

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