The Scarlet Thief by Paul Fraser Collard

This is a great fiction book that has the battle of Alma as its main setting…Well worth a read……


On the far bank of the River Alma the massed ranks of the Russian army are lined up. Strong points are bristling with cannons, loaded with cannister shot just waiting shred the flesh of any advancing enemy.  They are confident and determined, this is their home and they will resist the invaders from Britain, France and Turkey.

paulOn the other side of the river stands Captain Jack Lark. He is about to lead his company into battle for the first time.

As he nervously looks upon the formidable Russian position he wonders whether he be able to show the necessary bravery and guts to inspire his men to charge into the jaws of death.

As a lowly ranker, who through a mixture of luck, guile and bravado has risen to the dizzying heights of a Captain in the British Army, he knows he must show the leadership expected of an…

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