Mau Mau

A few articles about the decision of the current Government to pay compensation to Members of the Mau Mau who were tortured in British prisons during the uprising in Kenya.

The legacy of the last days of the Empire are still affecting us today. This was one of the most bitter and brutal independence wars fought against the British in the 20th Century.

Wikipedia: The Mau Mau Uprising

Colonial Police round up suspected Mau Mau

Colonial Police round up suspected Mau Mau





This is from the Kenyan side of things.

Mau Mau prisoners

Mau Mau prisoners

The Last man of the Raj

This is a touching story of a young soldier who went out to British India during WW2. He loved it show much he stayed and became an institution in Pakistan. Finally retiring at the age of 95. Major Geoffrey Langland is a cherished relic of the British Empire.